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Organic seal

Our company is from the de-öko-037 Control body certified organic

Own production

Made in Germany

High quality and tested Products

We are BioPräp Biologische Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Our company philosophy places special emphasis on the person with his needs.

We do not give medical help. In cases of illness a doctor or alternative medical practitioner should be consulted, when required. Still we encourage you with pleasure to take the biggest part of the responsibility for your health in your own hands. A well-balanced life-style and healthy food are the base. 

With many lack phenomena or raised need in active substances the general well-being, in addition, can be improved considerably by specific food supplement. Our food supplements dispose of high potencies and are as natural as possible.

TÜV Nord ISO 22000

We suffer increasingly from the impoverishment of our food and literally starve at the covered table. Stress, nicotine, alcohol, fast food, pollution and other harmful influences can our food no longer meet all the requirements, needed by our body and soul. Some of these negative factors can be countered with targeted nutritional supplements.

Also the sea buckthorn natural cosmetics offer extensive active ingredients without injurious chemical substances. A good natural makeup offers many nutrient and nursing materials for the skin.

We hope that our assortment includes some interesting products for you. If you have wishes or suggestions, we are glad about your tips. If you are contented particularly with our products, we are glad about your praise. If you should be discontented once or a complaint appears, we will try hard to dissolve this in your sense.

With questions of every kind we have with pleasure an ear for you. Do not avoid to get in touch with us.

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